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sync between local and online version

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sync between local and online version

i have 2 moodle version : 1 local and second is online version
when i update the scss in local env and turn on the designer mode, all my revision is made change in the local env.

then i upload the scss and the picture that i include in the scss file....

as i know to clear the cache i should clear the cache ini theme selector menu... i did it in the online version, i already purge all cache too,  but unfortunately moodle always show that it cannot find the pictures that i already upload in moodle custom theme ??

as info my style in scss is working but when i include  picture in scss code as background the local version is working but online version always return "Image was not found, sorry"

any suggestion how to solve that ?? thanks

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Re: sync between local and online version
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For my understanding: You prepare a style sheet in SCSS/SASS and add them to two Moodle sites. One site, in the localhost, responds the other, a remote one, doesn't. Right?
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Re: sync between local and online version
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How are you referencing the image?

If you are using the logo setting to upload it, then the url link will be different between your localhost and your online versions anyway.

Also the logo setting file upload is more suited to having the image identified in the layout file using php code to get the setting content back.

If you are adding the image using SCSS, and you have access to the theme files, you would be better off adding it to the pix folder of your theme and then being able to reference it properly as shown in many of the theme tutorials.

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Re: sync between local and online version
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Can I ask what theme you are using, as this could be the problem?



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