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REST-API: Activate second attempt for a quiz

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REST-API: Activate second attempt for a quiz

Hello together

In one of our courses we have a quiz which the participants have to solve and they have only one attempt.

But they can buy a "re-exam" so they can solve the quiz a second time. So that we don't have to enable a second attempt manually over the administration page we want enable the second attempt over the REST-API automatically when we receive the payment. 

Unfortunately I didn't find the right API function for that. Does it exists? If yes, which one is it?

Thanks for your help!

Best regards,


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Re: REST-API: Activate second attempt for a quiz
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I don't think there is a web service API for this.

The quiz has the functionality which you can access through the Moodle UI. (Quiz administration -> User overrides). It would not be difficult to make a web service method for the same functionality. Someone just needs to code it.

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Re: REST-API: Activate second attempt for a quiz
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We are working on 'Auto increment quiz time', a plugin to automatically extend the quiz time limit for users who encounter a network/hardware failure.

We need to execute a REST call to overrideedit.php from an external authenticated client. 

I would like to code a web service method for this. Could you please give me some directions as to where to start?

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