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Wiki Set Up

Hello All,

I am investigating the use of Wiki as part of a lesson.

Currently using moodle version 2.7.

We have a situation where Class 1 of 16 students, are grouped into groups of 4. eg Group A are asked to research and present task A. They in turn will update the wiki page allocated to them 'Group A' in this case.

Can this smaller group be allocated a sub group, for example class 1 students are enrolled as a group 'class 1' can they be allocated a sub group eg Class1 Group A for this activity?

My other question is when Class 2 take this lesson can the wiki be set up so they can see the opening page with the links to the respective task pages but not be able to view any of Class 1's work

Due to foot fall we are running this lesson about once a month to different classes. We are utilising the group function already when they are enrolled to distinguish each class when they run through the course. This assist us with scores, grading etc etc.

Any words of wisdom would and will be much appreciated.

In anticipation


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