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Teaching with Moodle MOOC January 2017: Feedback and actions

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Teaching with Moodle MOOC January 2017: Feedback and actions
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We’ve just finished the latest run of our twice yearly Learn Moodle MOOC and, as usual, Mary and I have been looking through the feedback in order to improve the course for its next run starting on 19 June 2017. Here’s a brief summary:

Some facts and figures:

  • 4916 participants signed up for the course and 4060 logged in on or after the start of the course on 2 January 2017.
  • 1549 participants obtained a participant badge for posting and replying in a forum - 38% of those who logged in to the course.
  • 748 participants obtained a completer badge and certificate of completion - 18% of those who logged in to the course and 48% of those who obtained the participant badge.
  • 70% participants told us they were completely new to Moodle or had only used it a little; 13% had only used it for file sharing and 17% considered themselves advanced users, there to help out. From the final feedback, 93% rated the course either ‘outstanding’ or ‘good’ and 88% said the course was ‘just the right level’.
  • 28% participants used the Learn Moodle mobile app to access the course.

What we did well:

New features exploration

Each time we run the MOOC, the site is using the latest version of Moodle, giving participants the opportunity to try out the latest features. In the case of Moodle 3.2, there were major changes with the new messaging and notifications interface and the Boost theme. Although the course is aimed at beginners, experienced Moodlers can also benefit from participating, and a number of users now return each time to stay up to date.

Mobile app

Feedback about the Moodle Mobile app was very positive. As with Moodle, each version of the app brings improved functionality. Participants this time were able easily to see their course grades and badges, set their notification preferences and move from the app to the website without needing to log in a second time.


Participants liked the short videos (updated for Moodle 3.2) and the fact that the videos and their transcripts were available for download. All 32 videos are now available on the Moodle YouTube channel for you to include in your own training courses. Please note that everyone is welcome to contribute translated subtitles for Moodle videos.

What we could do better:

Encouraging forum searching

Despite the use of pinned posts in the forums, many questions were asked multiple times. Fortunately there were a number of experienced Moodlers on hand to ensure most questions were answered. However we need to encourage participants to try searching to see if their question has already been answered.

Practice courses

A significant part of the MOOC is the opportunity for participants to try things out and experiment in their own practice course and then receive feedback about it from others. Some participants reported that they were uncertain about what exactly they should be doing in their practice course each week, so we’re going to come up with a practice course checklist.

Use fewer blocks

With increasing access via mobile app and the new Boost theme, we’re being encouraged to use fewer blocks in the course. The 'Request a practice course' button in an HTML block was easy to miss, so we’ll be adding it elsewhere, and we’ll be reviewing whether we can remove other blocks.

For more insights into what we’ve learned from the MOOC, please see the blog posts from Mary in Moodle.com posts tagged Learn Moodle.

What participants said:

“The course gifted me eye-opening insights into some of the many options to built great learning arrangements with Moodle. Clear structured always well oriented and friendly accompanied by teachers and learners from all over the world. It was a great learning journey that has just started... See you and thank you!”

“Moodle is so versatile, I love that I can make it what I want it to be. The more I learn the more impressed I am. I have been particularly impressed with the community knowledge in the forums and the feeling that we are all learning together. I never felt any question was treated as stupid and the answers given were always helpful.”

For more comments made by participants, please see the Learn Moodle: Participant feedback.

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Re: Teaching with Moodle MOOC January 2017: Feedback and actions
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Great report and sounds like quite a large, active turnout.

The "fewer blocks" problem caught me by surprise. Does this mean with the Boost theme, we have to convert blocks into activities?

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Re: Teaching with Moodle MOOC January 2017: Feedback and actions
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No, blocks are still there in Boost themes - But I think Martin's point in the past has been that the mobile app does not support blocks and therefore there needs to be a consideration of whether to use blocks. For me its still a reason to recommend a responsive theme over the app - despite the apps many useful features.

My personal opinion remains that there is still far too much usable content in the variety of blocks available and until there is a way to recreate that content in another way I don't see that changing - maybe some of it could be converted to resource mods - which could also help with being able to more flexibly position it (within sections for example). But for now, blocks are still with us on desktop/web page sites, if not on the app.

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Re: Teaching with Moodle MOOC January 2017: Feedback and actions

I feel "Learn Moodle MOOC" should have a follow-up mechanism, wherein experienced Moodlers (designated as Moodle Brand Ambassadors) can provide local (country level) support to Learn Moodle MOOC participants in designing Moodle-enabled online/blended courses.

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Re: Teaching with Moodle MOOC January 2017: Feedback and actions
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I'm sure that if the Teaching with Moodle forum was (or is) pushed, then there are many of us who would be happy to share ideas and support - that would then be open for all users, as well as Learn Moodle participants, both for asking queries and for learning from each other smile

I know Moodle forums are often seen by some as 'developer territory' but there is SO MUCH great discussion and open community sharing outside the developers, in Teaching with Moodle, Moodle for Business and other forums and discussions and I for one would love to see more of it - and not just queries and answers but good practice being shared too smile

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