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Automatic emails upon course completion

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Re: Automatic emails upon course completion

"assign the module to send an email on completion of the last activity"

I have tried unsuccessfully to set up the Re-Engagement plugin you recommended here to send me an email when a user completes a SCORM package. 

My SCORM package contains quizzes, demo videos, and (most importantly) exercises for our students to complete. I review these exercises (they are activities on a separate website) and prior to migrating to Moodle we only worried about reviewing these exercises after all of the SCORM packages of the course had been completed. In Moodle we added the exercises as Assignment activities that outline the exercise steps and provide me the opportunity to give students immediate feedback about their exercises, but because the Assignment activities are just a reflection of the in-package exercises and they are completed on a separate site, there is nothing for the students to submit so I don't have a good hook or trigger to notify me that an Assignment/Exercise needs to be reviewed.

Just to make it that much more difficult, I don't want the students sent a message. I just need a notification that they finished the SCORM package so I can go in and grade the assignments.

How have you set that up in the past? Is there anything I can provide to assist?

Moodle version: Moodle 3.3.1 (Build: 20170710)
host: AWS Windows Server
db: SQL Server

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