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Sync Students into Cohorts (LDAP)?

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Sync Students into Cohorts (LDAP)?


Our High school have decided to upgrade to the latest version of Moodle 3.0+.

Classes currently sync from MIS system into AD as universal security groups

LDAP users sync to Moodle3 (sAMAccountName being their login name)

What i need is something that takes the Class security groups from AD and syncs to Moodle as a Cohort via LDAP automatically adding the relevant student/usernames to the Cohort list.

These are then used site wide for teachers to enrol specific classes on courses or filter students for marking by class name (rather than choosing the relevant 30 students)

Any help would be great on how to do this?

however I have found this that seemed perfect, but unfortunately it would seem the creator has passed away and no one has continued is amazing work. 

I have managed to install this plugin into moodle 3.0+, however, it gets as far as collecting the groups and the users within the groups from LDAP but then throws an error: membre xxx not found. 

I have poured over the settings and code but am stumped, any help with this or an alternative would be fantastic. 

Many thanks in advance. 


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Re: Sync Students into Cohorts (LDAP)?
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Hi Rob,

We find ourselves in your situation. I haven't had a chance to review the code yet; did you find a solution to your problem?


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