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Can I get more styles in dropdown | Atto

Just wondering . . .
Can I get more styles in dropdown | Atto

I had a look to see if this was talked about anywhere, but I could not find anything.

At present we have one choice:

Preformatted.  Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, no ferri sensibus vim, quo tollit erroribus at, mei melius consulatu gubergren eu. Ne vix debet malorum bonorum, essent sapientem incorrupte eum eu, eu cum delicatissimi vituperatoribus. Vim ea tale oportere salutandi, mei iuvaret consequuntur voluptatibus et. Cu nam officiis petentium refomidans, ornatus philosophia mea eu. Debet labitur equidem vel te, eu legendos scripserit mea.

This is pretty ugly for regular work in presenting some text in a course setting.  Why does it not do word wrap like normal, and just break a word at the end of a line?

I'd like to provide my staff with a few to choose from.


  1. Quote: Indent and Italic
  2. Indent: Indent, no italic
  3. Highlight: Nice gentle coloured background and border maybe.  The kind of thing you may use for a highlight/reminder.

I don't really mind, just a little option to help speed up the prettying up and structuring of text.

Any simple way to do this?

And I know, I know.  Atto is supposed to be minimalist.  It's too minimalist for my staff.  smile


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Re: Can I get more styles in dropdown | Atto
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Never used it but how about the Styles plugin?

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Re: Can I get more styles in dropdown | Atto
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There are plugins for background and foreground color included in the core distribution, but disabled by default. If you want highlight, you may add the background button in Plugins->Text editor->Atto->Atto toolbar settings.

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