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Moodle Tip: Get students to create quiz questions

Mary Cooch
Moodle Tip: Get students to create quiz questions
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Building learning, social constructionism at its best -  as Moodle Community Educator I feel it is my duty to highlight a new plugin by committed Moodler AND TEACHER Jean-Michel Védrine which allows students to create quiz questions and get graded for them - and have them used in subsequent quizzes with their classmates.

We've discussed the merits of getting students to do this before and indeed I did a project with a class from my old high school where they created questions for the Functional Skills ICT (basic ICT skills) course they were doing. There are various ways to get them to create questions ranging from changing permissons to (how I did it) giving them teacher rights in a course. But Jean-Michel has updated and enhanced an actual activity module which you can download from the plugins database now.

Here's how it works:

As a teacher, with the editing turned on, add the Question creation activity:

Add a name and instructions and then decide how you want to grade them. The default is 50% automatic grade for creating the questions and 50% manually graded by the teacher:

Then decide which question types you want them to create and you can also make them create a minimum number of a certain type -for example here, I made my students create at least 3 multiple choice:

You can decide if you want them to be able just to create questions, to create and preview, save as new questions but it is ESSENTIAL before you get them all busily on task that you check you have cron running regularly; if not, they won't be able to do this as they won't have the permissions - as I discovered on my test site at first:


When the student clicks on the activity, they see clearly what they have to do:

And as they work through the questions, that page updates with where they are in terms of what they have created and how it has been (automatically graded)

The teacher can then manually grade the questions, for the other part of the grade:

The student can clearly see their grades:

And the teacher has some student-created quiz questions in the question bank for later usesmile

It's the kind of thing that makes you proud to be a Moodler Yes

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