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course and category management in 2.6 - lost functionality

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course and category management in 2.6 - lost functionality

We just upgraded from 2.4 to 2.6 and how the Course Categories and Courses are managed is now combersome and time consuming.  Previously, I could open a category and get a list of courses with the option to click on the course to open it, or click edit, delete, hide/show, backup, restore, or move without changing screens.  With this set up, not only was it quick and easy to edit, backup, etc. but I could backup, restore, and edit multiple courses at once.

With 2.6, I have to go to Manage Courses and Categories, if viewing is set to Course Categories and Courses then I can locate and click on the course but if it isn't then I need to change the viewing.  Once I have found and clicked on the course title, I have to scroll to the bottom of the page where I can "View | Edit | Enrolled users | Delete | Show | Backup | Restore" for that specific course.  This has to be repeated for each course I need to touch.

Please, can future versions revert back to the Course/Category Administration format we had in 2.4 - it is far more functional.


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