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Integration round 2013-10-04 - from the hammock of development

Dan at desk in Moodle HQ, Perth
Integration round 2013-10-04 - from the hammock of development
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Whilst I sat in the hammock of development this week - Sam, Marina and Eloy have been churning through the mountain of issues and Sam Hemelryk provided me with this update through the power of telepathy[1]:

Cold numbers: 61 issues made the cut this week with 5 being rejected and only a single issue being delayed. That is a success rate of 92.42%! great job everyone.

Notes: Code freeze is next Monday if you haven't got your code in yet or up for integration review you had better hurry. Because of this time frame many interesting changes were accepted this week.

Hot topics:

  • MDL-41888 Quiz statistics back-end has been moved to core, so they can potentially be reused by other activities.
  • MDL-41398 Changes to bootstrapbase and clean to better handle upgrades lead to a new layout file for those themes.
  • MDL-41848 SCORM can now be added by drag+drop.
  • MDL-41882 + MDL-41421 The site and testplan generators were backported this week to the 2.5 branch.
  • MDL-41878 When loading YUI modules we now use a shorter path, leading to a reduced number of requests on some pages.
  • Several more modules were converted to make use of the new events API.

Warm thanks:

This week warm thanks goes to one of our own Damyon Wiese for his awesome work on the Atto editor and continued efforts (with help from the frontend team) to polish it before release.

[1] If only.

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