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Integration round 2013-09-27 - more new features

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Integration round 2013-09-27 - more new features
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Cold numbers:
51 issues have been successfully integrated this week with 7 rejected and 5 delayed. This is 88% success rate.

Lots of interesting improvements are landing now. The issues are mostly very big and integrators work 24 hours a day reviewing (and sometimes rejecting) them. But even 24h is not always enough.

Hot topics:

  • MDL-31501 New session infrastructure - file, database and memcached storage. Thanks Petr
  • MDL-40903 Persistent cache setting renamed to static acceleration and affects data only. Thanks Sam
  • MDL-41580 Allow an imsmanifest.xml file to be selected from a file system repository and allow relative linking. Thanks Dan Marsden

Warm thanks:

  • To David Monllao for making Moodle automated testing better and better every day!

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