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Integration round 2013-09-05 - welcome to september

Dan at desk in Moodle HQ, Perth
Integration round 2013-09-05 - welcome to september
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Cold numbers:

47 issues have been successfully integrated with 16 rejected and 9 delayed. That is 75% success.


Code freeze is now 4 weeks away, its crunch time!

David Monllaó has been working on improving our performance comparison and testing tools for the upcoming release, details of his plan are available in Moodle docs and he requests feedback on this proposal. Part of the work which David has already started includes building upon the work which the Sam Marshall contributed for generating large datasets for testing. Developers should be aware of the improved functionality in the tool_generator which can now generate large courses with large amounts of enrolments for testing.

Peer review:

There are currently 9 issues waiting for peer review, including drag and drop fixes, activity chooser subtypes and course related fixes. It's great to see the number under double figures, but lets get to zero!

Hot topics:

  • MDL-38190 - Backup and restore now displays progress
  • MDL-41402 - Automate large site generation for testing
  • MDL-32690 - Missing 1.9 assignment types no longer prevent course restore
  • MDL-41267 - Admin tool subplugin support

Warm thanks:

  • To Rajesh Taneja for many bug fixes, collaboration and always being willing to bring alternative points of view to technical debates, thanks!

paalam, Dan

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