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SSL proxy causes formatting error - Formal White theme

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SSL proxy causes formatting error - Formal White theme

We are trying to convert our entire Moodle 2.5  site to use the host's SSL proxy server.  In /config.php, I added "$CFG->sslproxy = true;" and and changed wwwroot to use the https address.  Everything seems to run, no errors, but our desktop device theme is Formal White, and the "menu" bar no longer displays correctly.  This theme uses a dark bar, and the menu links are shown in white.  But after converting to proxy SSL, the dark bar is no longer displaying in any of the 5 major browsers, and the users cannot see the white links on white background.

We'd like to stay with Formal White for desktop devices.  We use Bootstrap for mobile and tablet devices, and it works fine under proxy SSL, but of course it displays the "menu" information differently.

I assume the problem is related to CSS.  Can any suggest a fix, or at least a debugging approach so I can discover the source of the problem?.


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