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How to play mp4 videos in moodle

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Re: How to play mp4 videos in moodle

I have begun using CC because I believe that we may be required soon to use it and I do not want to need to redo my work.  I don't know practically how IT could edit your Camtasia files and keep you in the loop. This is my sequence: I

  1. train Camtasia to recognize my voice.  This is preliminary prep not related to a particular project.
  2. write a script before or after the non-audio screen capture.
  3. read technical words from the script into the voice training of CC.  This improves the CC voice to text translation later.  
  4. create the presentation, usually screen demos without audio
  5. record  the audio by reading the script. 
  6. do the editing by aligning the audio tracks and video tracks in the Camtasia editor(extending frames, cutting and moving audio tracks, adding callouts etc.
  7. After everything else is finished I add the CC captions.
  8. Review the captions and compare with the script.  Cut and paste from the script if necessary to fix.
  9. Produce.

Once nice unexpected benefit of the CC feature was a search feature where the viewer could navigate by key word search. For a short 5 to 10 minute video, it does take about half an hour to complete the CC.

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Re: How to play mp4 videos in moodle

We use Camtasia for 99% of our videos.  We do a bi-weekly technical session and have been using it for 4 years to record, edit and produce the videos.  We use the built in voice recognition for the initial pass on the CC then comeback through and edit where it is necessary.  Since we have moved our library to we are testing out their auto CC function, and have not uploaded all our current CC to the site.

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