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Custom quiz notification

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Custom quiz notification


I've been struggling with one of my moodle modification assignment for past few days.

I am to modify standard moodle 2.4.3 install so quiz notification works like this:

1. Quiz starts - all students who are signed to the course receive e-mail about it.


a) x days before quiz finishes all students receive e-mail.

b) Teacher receive list of students who still need to take quiz.

3. Quiz finishes - Teacher receive list of students who didn't take quiz.

I've managed to solve 1. and 2. a) with "event reminder" plug-in but I have no ideas for 2b and 3. Thought grade system would help me with 3. but no luck there either.

Any suggestions, ideas, alternatives or links to awesome plug-ins I've missed would be very much appreciated!

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