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Notebook & Queries

HI Everyone,

Sorry if my question sounds silly. I am a new bee to moodle and I just want to know whether 

1) There is a built in notebook functionality in moodle. If yes could you please let me know where is it?

2) Is there any seperate gateway for the students to rise questions and their instructors to clarify them, or should we use messages instead?

Thanks in anticipation

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Re: Notebook & Queries

Hi Hemanth,

1. Not really bringing much to mind on "notebook functionality", there are many ways for a student to write text within moodle. What do you mean by notebook functionality?

2. I have used ForumNG for this, as it has a 1-1 forum (Study Advice) setting which may match your requirements. This keeps the question/answer between student and instructor whilst having a better record for logging/compliance etc..
ForumNG Study Advice setting.

If you pair this with a Page with FAQs that you can add to when something is relevant to all students.

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