Cut'n'paste Bootstrap code into Moodle editor

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Cut'n'paste Bootstrap code into Moodle editor
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I've been looking at ways to make it easier for users to make use of the Bootstrap CSS to jazz up the content they add to Moodle. One surprisingly effective way is to cut and paste from a web page into the TinyMCE editor.

So you can visit the Bootstrap examples (or a cut down version you build for your users) and simply find the visual look they are wanting, then cut'n'paste it.

Here's an example screenshot featuring table markup, labels, and preformatted code. I simply copied and pasted from here:

Once it is pasted in the Moodle TinyMCE editor, you will see the final formatting live, and can edit the content with relative ease.

edit: to be clear, I'm not cutting and pasting the underlying HTML, that is all done for me. Hmm, this is tricky to describe, probably best to just give it a go.

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Gareth J Barnard
Re: Cut'n'paste Bootstrap code into Moodle editor
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