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Moodle Performance Test with Loadrunner 11.5

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Moodle Performance Test with Loadrunner 11.5


I am using loadrunner to record the script. I am trying to upload a file from File Picker form but script does not work. It does not upload the file at time of replay of script. I appriciate if anyone advise?

1-What is (may be combination of) communication protocol before File Picker appears to users and when user clicks on ‘Upload This File’ option to upload the files?
2- Are there any unique number/Ids created by the system in the steps (before and at time of upload action)? I have analysed the
response coming from the server and it seems that system generates unique number/ids to identify the each of the file uploads.
3- Do we require to send any header as part of request at the time of file upload or subsequent/preceded requests?
4-Does system or database creates any number that keep increasing
by one to identify the file upload?
5- Is this a synchronous or asynchronous call?



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