Grades missing for some users

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Re: Grades missing for some users
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I think you can set it as high as 20,000 without too much issue.  I just checked mine and it is at 5000 currently but I believe the issue did get resolved in a later release.

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Re: Grades missing for some users

Hi Emma,

Thanks for the reply. I checked my php.ini file again and I am still not seeing the max_input_var variable in it. I can the variable; around which line should it be added?

I've a bit more investigation and I've noticed for the random persons whose grade does not show in the grader report that the grade is populated in the mdl_lesson_grades table but it is not populated in the mdl_grade_grades table. For everyone else whose grades displays in the grader report, both tables are populated.

My questions are:

Do you know of any reason why this would happen?

Can a query be used to populate missing grades in the mdl_grade_grades table without affecting the system?

Does anyone know of a solution to prevent this from happening in the future?

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Re: Grades missing for some users
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if max_input_vars is not in your ini file the default value will be used (1,000).  You can add the line anywhere you want.  Should read:

max_input_vars = 20000 

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Re: Grades missing for some users
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Don't forget about if they're using suhosin.

[suhosin] = 20000

suhosin.request.max_vars = 20000


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Re: Grades missing for some users
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From memory, an initial workaround was included in 2.3 which automatically decreases the number of students displayed per page, based on the number of grade items and your current max_input_vars setting.  That caused quite a bit of confusion, though, so a new workaround was included in 2.3.5 and 2.4.2 (MDL-35074) which no longer needs (and therefore removes) the automatic students-per-page limit, putting control of the page size back into the users' hands.


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Re: Grades missing for some users

Hi, I have a simular problem. (in moodle 2.0.3) I have set up a course where students have two attempts at a quiz to achieve more than 85% in order to pass. This has worked fine for a while, but recently some students' grades aren't being complied... There is no grade for them in the results table or in their own grades table. In their course they see 'course not yet started' yet if I check the quiz results they have completed the requiements and passed. The cron is running fine and I have even run it manually again a couple of times without any changes. I have added the line above in my php.ini file with no changes.

What is strange is that with some students all if but not with all...

Can anyone help? This is very frustrating.