Possible New Gradebook Project? What do you think?

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Re: Possible New Gradebook Project? What do you think?
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This is quite befuddling.  Possible answers:

  • Javascript must be enabled in the browser
  • Does not support earlier versions of IE (we don't use IE with Moodle on my campus)
  • Might want to only extract the laegrader folder and leave your other grade folders intact.  There is so much reliance on libraries outside of the gradebook tree in the gradebook reports that we have isolated the code in the laegrader to be functional across multiple versions (same version works for 2.2 as 2.3)
  • If none of this stuff helps you (the above steps are the easiest) turn debugging up to developer level and see what gets reported

Feel free to email me directly with questions.

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Re: Possible New Gradebook Project? What do you think?
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It may seem too basic to mention, but it's easily overlooked: don't forget, once you've installed the LAE Grader report, you need to select it from the dropdown above the gradebook - otherwise you'll still be looking at Moodle's standard Grader report.  You'll also need to make sure that you actually have enough students and grade items to see the fixed column and row headers in action.