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Moodle demonstration sites

Are you new to Moodle and want to explore a real site and discover what can be achieved? Or perhaps you're using an older version of Moodle and want to check out all the new features in the latest version?

If so, you'll be pleased to hear of our Mount Orange School site, a Moodle site which has been set up to replicate a real school, with students and teachers engaging in learning activities. You can choose a role such as teacher, then log in and browse the list of live examples of things teachers can do in Moodle. Thanks to Tomaz Lasic for creating the site, Mary Cooch for adding lots more content, and authors of courses used on the site.

We also have a plain site, the Moodle demonstration site, which shows how Moodle looks when freshly installed. Both sites are using the latest stable version of Moodle (currently 2.4.1), and are reset every hour on the hour, so any changes you make are not permanent.

We hope you find the demo sites useful for learning about Moodle and trying new features. If you have any comments or feedback, please post in one of the forums in Using Moodle.