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Changes to Release Calendar

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Changes to Release Calendar

We have been following the General release calendar for a number of releases now, and releases have been smooth and mostly on-time. We have also recently instituted stricter processes for security issues, where details of security issues are hidden until a minor release.

We have decided to change the General release calendar to bring major releases in-line with minor releases, rather than keeping them offset by one month, which will achieve tighter security still.

This change will become effective with Moodle 2.5, which will be released in May, one month earlier than previously planned.

The release calendar now appears as follows.

Release typeFrequencyMonths
Major (eg. 2.x) 6 monthly Second Monday of May and November
Minor (Point) (eg. 2.x.x) 2 monthly Second Monday of July, September, November, January, March and May

Release calendar

Moodle support periods will remain the same.

Thanks to the Integration team, Moodle Partners and the general developer community for consulting on this issue.