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help - no admin menu working in moodle 24 latest stable

I have been reading in the error tracking and also some other folks recently on this board - but after an install on Bluehost of Moodle 2.4 - I can't get to the Site Administration menu - it's not active as a link.

Could it be related to some info about YUI not being loaded - I searched YUI in "search' on the menu where it brings up the choice to load external Yahoo YUI - as someone suggested here - however I did click both those options and I still cannot get the Site Admin menu on any browser.

Hoping someone can tell me what is up here.  I have Moodle installed in a directory on my server - and have used other Moodle installs on shared hosting.

If it's a problem with javascript - how can I tell if the YUI is loaded or not - and if it's not a problem w/Javascript - should I install an older Moodle?


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Picture of jackie fitts
solved - help - no admin menu working in moodle 24 latest stable

Finally found the error! The triangles opening/closing the menu were not working on the home page. No permissions at all (000) were set on /theme/yui_combo.php.

I had installed Moodle by uploading the zip (version 24) to a subdirectory, then extracting it on the server - and I guess permissions don't always come out correctly that way (?) 

Hoping there are no other 000 permissions in other files, but for me, this is the answer to this issue.


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