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Integration round 2013-02-14 - New features hit master

Integration round 2013-02-14 - New features hit master
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Cold numbers:

40 issues integrated with 11 rejected and 0 delayed. That is 78% - lets get it over 80 next week.


Behat is working nicely on our continuous integration server now (thanks to David for some fixes this week), make sure you don't break the behat tests!

Hot Topics:

MDL-30637 - Simplify moodle forms

MDL-35819Rewrite help popup to use moodle-core-notification and restyle

MDL-5875 - Please show word count to teachers and students on forum posts

MDL-34137 - Offer mod_label as an option when drag/dropping media mime-types

* And more in areas like Backup/Restore, Automated Testing and AJAX and Javascript.

Warm thanks:

* Joseph Rézeau for taking on some mforms fixes this week.

Cheers, Damyon

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