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incorrect file pool content, restoring large 2.3 backup into 2.3

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incorrect file pool content, restoring large 2.3 backup into 2.3
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I am unable to restore any of my backup files, since they hit the "incorrect file pool content" error (with a hash after it). My backups are in the 39-350MB range; they all do it. They all contain large scorm packages, but other activity types also.

My server is version 2.3.4+ (Build: 20130118)

The backups came from another server, whose build is 2.3.1+ (Build: 20120809)

So the various issues reported on this site seems to indicate anything from:

  • the backup file is corrupt (they all happy unzip and files look good)
  • it's a 1.9 to 2.x upgrade (no, checked moodle_backup.xml to confirm version)
  • maybe back up from the source and try again (doesn't help, same deal)

My files come from the local file repository, so it's not an upload problem. Half the course is created (down to but not including any large files). Restoring a second time doesn't get any further.

I unzipped the package and had a look around (not really knowing what I expect). The "activities" folder reports files like "label", "lesson", "quiz", "resource" and "scorm". I don't think there's any custom plugins, activity types or block types being used in the backup that I don't have on the server where these things are restoring to.

I opened up files.xml and searched for the hash reported in the error, and also opened up "files" and the folder matching the first two digits in the hash to see what it had. I've attached a screenshot showing that the file exists, has the correct size, and opens in an editor - so it's not corrupt itself...

showing file details

 suggestions gratefully accepted smile


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