Dataform: Teacher Reports every X weeks

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Dataform: Teacher Reports every X weeks

The module looks exactly what I need including the messaging feature but its not that easy to get up and running with more than the "hello world" example to guide me. Would any Dataform expert be willing to advise me

I'm using moodle 2.4.1 and dataform master as of Feb 12 2013.

I'd like to use the dataform to create a simple progress tracking system for students of a course. The latest version from master branch of git has the interval settings for hours, days, weeks or months but I'm not really sure how to get everything pulled together.

I need to restrict access to teachers only so created a grouping of teachers and made the dataform activity available to them only. Ideally I would like to further restrict it so that teachers only see the students from a particular group both the teacher and their students are a member of but I'm not sure how to do this via dataform

I also need the teachers to only see the entries they created so I selected the setting "Separate Participants" but I can't get my head around listing the students with the associated reporting fields I need completed.

Whats the best way of populating the student details so each student has an entry for each interval?

Is this possible using Dataform?

End Result Example

Teacher B views the Dataform and for each interval would see a report like this for only their students. If they hadn't entered a value yet the fields would be editable

Student Name Question 1 Question 2 Question 3 Save Cancel
 Fred Flinstone xx xx xx    
Barney Ruble xx xx xx    

The head teacher would be able to see all teachers and all students reports


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Re: Dataform: Teacher Reports every X weeks
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Let's see if we can work it out. We may need to consider some further enhancements for getting the desired effect.

The Dataform has a built in tool that creates a blank entry for each user in the course. It's manual so at this point if you want to create an entry per interval you need to run this tool once every interval.

Another possible approach to a similar effect could be by using only one entry per student with all the fields needed for all intervals and using views to break down the entry to separate "intervals". This could work with a reasonable number of intervals and fields.

To restrict teachers' access only to their group's entries I think that we would have to add a capability. I will look into that. smile



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Re: Dataform: Teacher Reports every X weeks

Thanks for offering to help with this.

Instead of the specific case where teachers can only access their fellow groups maybe it would be best to keep it generic and have the option of restricting any user to only seeing the entries for the other users in the group. I don't know if its technically the right place but maybe a filter or a rule would be somewhere where it could be fitted and applied to multiple views instead of basing it inside 1 particular view.

I tried running the tool but I got this error

Fatal error: Undefined class constant '_USERID' in /moodleroot/mod/dataform/tool/entryperuser/lib.php on line 42

Also I wasn't sure how to actually display the user values the tool would create. Is the a reference of tokens I can include in a view

Other Feedback

  • The check box labels in the Views list aren't very descriptive (D,E,M) and its unclear from a new users prespective what they mean and why I would have then all, some or none enabled for a view or not
  • I noticed the "Save & Continue" button in the field add page doesn't appear to do anything except reload the page, or maybe i mis-understand what its supposed to continue on to..
  • It would be nice if the order of fields could be changed once they have been added, but only a minor thing since its easy to swap the view tokens..
  • To help people get an understanding of the features maybe a basic preset listing partipant details could be included with the code
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Re: Dataform: Teacher Reports every X weeks

Is there some documentation or tutorials available for the dataform tool?

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