Database entries restricted to students

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Database entries restricted to students


I work at the Medical School of the University of Dundee and I am exploring the possibility of using either the Database standard activity or the improved Dataform to create like an online record system to monitor students progress throughtout our Msc Dissertation Module.

The idea is that, for every meeting that a student and a supervisor has, the student and/or the supervisor can complete an online form (that online form would be a database entry) filling the following information:

-Student name

-Supervisor name

-Msc proposal title

-Sumary of progress.

-Actions agreed

-Key concerns

-Date and time of next supervision, etc.

It is easy to create an entry using the different types of fields of the database activity.

However, the challenge is that student X (with user id XXX) can only read his/her only entries when clicking on the database activity.

Since Moodle does not pass the student user id in the url, I don't have an easy way of alterning the code view.php restricting the entries only for the entries that user id or the supervisor of user id has written.

Is there an eassy way to change the database code to do that?

I know that what I am looking for is something similar to a Personal Learning Plan, but the only one I know is this one:

and the two latest versions available in GIthub are quite unstable at the moment, so it is worthless using it in a production site.

Thank you very much for your advice.

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Re: Database entries restricted to students
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If the student creates the entry and the Database is set to require approval and enries are not approved then students can see only their own entries. But what you describe may require more than that. Should supervisors be restricted in a similar way, that is, allowed to view only the entries created by their supervisees? Should supervisors be able to create entries on behalf of their supervisees? smile

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Re: Database entries restricted to students

Thanks for your reply,Itamar.

Yes, I thought of using that features, but that also involved to restrict access to supervisors as well.

What we are looking for is something more similar to a record of achievement system than a database, so I am also exploring the possibilities of the ILP (Individual Learning Plan) of the ULCC.

The plug-in still has some minor pitfalls, but, as a whole, it could be what we are looking for.


Mari Cruz

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