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High availability - MySQL cluster v's replication (II)

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High availability - MySQL cluster v's replication (II)

Hi Martín and Folks!

We're thinking to extend our Moodle to an +50000 user community, so we're evaluating mainly important changes on DB component for solid HA and performance. After investigating several forums we still have important doubts.

  • Is MySQL Clustering supported by Moodle 2.x?
    • It's no clear for me. If yes, is that recommended for a Large Moodle Installation? For example, we've read some bad opinions about performance on Mysql native's Replication solution and the impossibility to deal with NDB (DRBD) from Moodle.
    • If No, which would be the natural migration PostgreSQL with or without clustering?
  • Supposing not to decide a DB Clustering solution, which Replication solution could be suitable to such a Large Moodle Installation?
  • These are important and appreciated advices, specially if the circumstances don't let us change the DB technology and It would have to maintain MYSQL as DB technology. On that case, obviously we'll have to change engine to INNODB as many posts highlight.

    So gratefully.

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