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LDAP Password Changer

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LDAP Password Changer

Good Afternoon,

Does anybody know if there is a way to change / re-set an LDAP password from inside Moodle?  I've looked through the plugins database but couldn't find anything.

The reason we are looking for this is because currently our user accounts are authenticated through LDAP but we are having issues where students are unable to login once their network account password needs changing but if they are a distance or part time learner they have no way of re-setting their passwords themselves.  We also have another issue whereby our network allows 3 grace logins however Moodle doesn't even though I have enabled this in the LDAP settings of Moodle.

Please can somebody offer me some advice with these 2 issues?

Many Thanks,

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Re: LDAP Password Changer

Yes. In the Windows Active Directory world (and I suspect in all LDAP authentication) you'll need to use LDAPS connections to do this. has all the docs and walkthroughs for this. We use LDAPS and users can request their password resets without helpdesk intervention.

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