Default quiz score of 0%

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Re: Default quiz score of 0%

Good evening Gary.

You may have already found an answer to your query - but I hope you will not mind if I add this [late] response. 

The Gradebook offers the ability to factor those missing marks (or zeroes if you will) back into the score.  You will find the option by the following route:

SettingsGrades - This will place you in the Grader Report View, where you will have a dropdown menu (or tabs) from which you choose:  Categories and ItemsFull View.  The 6th column in this window is Aggregate Only Non-Empty Grades.  You will notice that you have the ability to turn off "Aggregate Only Non-Empty Grades" for a particular category and for the entire course.  (Proceed carefully here because I have not examined the math when this option is deselected.)  The screen capture below shows where "Aggregate Only..." lives and I have also provided the text from the Moodle Gradebook FAQ, where a nice explanation is given. 

 Aggregate Empty

 The information below is extracted from

My student completed only one activity out of 5, but his course total shows 100%. How do I show a more "progressive" course total?

Step-by-Step Explanation

  1. From the view menu in the gradeboook, select "Categories and items"
  2. At the top line there is a folder icon and an edit icon on the right, click the edit icon
  3. You'll then see the title "Grade category," the 3rd item is "Aggregate only non-empty grades."
  4. Uncheck this.
  5. Save.

Another Explanation

By default, only non-empty grades are aggregated, the others are ignored. However, you can change this setting as well as others that affect the course total, by turning "Editing" on in the grader report, and clicking the "Edit" icon next to the course category (the very top row of the grader report).

You can untick the box "Aggregate only non-empty grades" if you want to show a more "progressive" score for each student. Their empty grades will count as a 0 and will be counted in the course mean/total.

If you prefer to show a sum of points, rather than a percentage, you can change the course category's aggregation method to "Sum of grades".

End of Excerpt from Moodle Docs Gradebook FAQ.

I hope this information proves useful.

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Re: Default quiz score of 0%

Thanks so much for responding to my question.

I've just made the change that you suggest and IT WORKED!  I'm sure that I'd never dug deeply enough into the workings of Moodle to have discovered the whereabouts of the function.  Even if I'd found the option that you suggested, I'm not sure if I would have understood what it would actually do.

A particular student who'd done well in the 12 quizzes out of a possible 20 that he should have done, was showing 92% as his Course total which certainly would not have been a true assessment of his possible understanding of the course so far.  Having made the change, his Course total now shows 50% which is much nearer the truth.

Thanks once again for your help.

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Re: Default quiz score of 0%

Good afternoon --

An even easier way to solve the issue is to enter a zero grade when a student doesn't complete an assignment.  The zero grade will calculate and show an accurate average.

If you accept late work (which I do not), you can always change the zero to an earned grade.  When students see the immediate impact of a zero grade on their average, it is sometimes quite motivational.

Have a nice day,

Joyce Twing

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Re: Default quiz score of 0%

Dear Joyce,

Many thanks for your response.

When you say "enter a zero grade", is this something that I can setup in the quiz itself so that the quiz defaults to a zero score, or must I enter the zero manually when I look at the grades for each student?