Assignments Hidden in Course, Viewable in Gradebook?

Assignments Hidden in Course, Viewable in Gradebook?


We are using Moodle 2.3, and have a distressing situation with the gradebook.  We have teachers who wish to hide completed assignments on their course page, to make the page more concise, and yet still have the student see those assignments (and their grades) in their user report in the GRADES link.

I realize that hiding completed assignments on the course page requires that I go into the SIMPLE VIEW and open them back up there, but I expected that to make them visible again to students in their user report; this doesn't seem to be the case.

I feel stupid because I can't seem to find the permission, setting, or some other way to make this happen for our teachers.  I am certain this was doable in 1.9....but now I can't find the setting in 2.3.

Can anyone give me a clue, so we can hide assignments on a course page but keep them visible to students in their user report?

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Re: Assignments Hidden in Course, Viewable in Gradebook?


In MOODLE 1.9, hiding an asssignment on the course page, did not hide the assignment in the gradebook.  To hide it there, the teacher needed to go to the Categories and Items view and explicitly hide it in the gradebook.

In MOODLE 2.3, hiding the assignment on the course page, hides it in the gradebook and the teacher needs to explicitly unhide it there.  

I don't know what you mean by "simple view" but you can unhide the assignment in the gradebook/user report as follows.  

  • Click Settings
  • Click Grades
  • Click Categories and Items tab
  • Click the "eye icon" next to the hidden assignment name to open the "eye" and make the assignment visible in the user report.

This is what our teachers do when they hide assignments on their course pages but want them visible on the user report.  It works well although they are unhappy about the extra work it creates for them. I don't know why the functionality was changed in 2.3 in this regard.  

There are times you want to hide assignments in the user report so I do not recommend changing permissions to accomplish what you want to do.

I hope this helps.


Re: Assignments Hidden in Course, Viewable in Gradebook?

Edwinna - thank you for your quick reply.  Sorry to say, that is exactly the procedure I was using, and when logged in as a specific student, the student's user report still does not show the graded assignment that is hidden on the actual course page. 

Just to make sure I'm doing this correctly:

1.  I create the assignment on the course page, student finished, I grade it, and then hide it

2.  In my own gradebook view (as teacher) I can see everything in all gradebook view options

3.  But a logged in student does not see the hidden assignment in their gradebook view (user view)

4.  I go into the Gradebook link, click on Categories and Items, and choose either Simple View or Full View

5.  On the right side, I open up the eyeballs, scroll to the bottom, and SAVE

6.  A logged in student still cannot see any assignment that has been hidden on the course page.

I have the settings fine for displaying the overall course average, but our teachers are upset that, when they hide an assignment to make their course more concise and easily used, then students no longer can find a record of that hidden assignment and the score they earned in their gradebook view.

For the record, we're using 2.3.1, Build 20120712.

If this has been fixed in a later build, please let me know, so we can upgrade our installation.  Our teachers aren't very happy right now.

But thanks for your suggestion!  Any others are appreciated, and if it takes a role permission adjustment, I'm happy to make that.

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Re: Assignments Hidden in Course, Viewable in Gradebook?

Hi Jim --

I will take a shot at answering your question, but I'm not positive I am answering the question you are asking.

Go to your Moodle course;

Click on Grades in the Settings Menu

Select Settings--Course in the drop-down menu on the top left

Scroll to the bottom... next to the last drop-down menu (Show Hidden Items)

Select -- Show hidden

Save changes

Again... I'm not positive this answers your questions, but maybe.

Good luck,

Joyce Twing
Vermont Tech


Re: Assignments Hidden in Course, Viewable in Gradebook?

Joyce - thanks for your reply.  I have that setting as you suggested, but as a student I am still unable to view any assignment or score for an assignment in the student gradebook user view that has been hidden on the main course page.

I have looked through the Moodle Tracker to see if this problem has been reported, and it looks like it has, and it looks like it is listed as resolved.  But I'm not experienced in deciphering what the Moodle tracker pages actually I'm not sure if this problem is supposed to have been fixed in 2.3.1, or if it has been fixed in a later version, or even if it in fact has been fixed at all.

At this point, it seems my only solution is to leave everything on my main course page unhidden, so the assignments show up for the students in their gradebook view.  But with courses containing dozens and dozens of graded items (if not hundreds), the main page simply becomes too long for students to easily find what they are supposed to be completing on a given day.

I am certain this was NOT the behavior of the Gradebook in 1.9....but why it would be different in 2.3.1 I don't understand.

Anyone who has a solution, even if it is a coding solution, or a tweak to role permissions, or anything else, please let me know.  My teachers are gathering up their pitchforks and torches, and I am beginning to retreat to my castle.

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Re: Assignments Hidden in Course, Viewable in Gradebook?

Hi Jim,

This is what I've concluded. Correct me if I am wrong:

You want: selected assignments to be HIDDEN on the course page, but visible in the gradebook - FOR STUDENTS.

I've found a somewhat simple solution.

I don't know if you've come across the "Orphaned activities" section in any courses. This happens when a teacher or admin deletes a section from the bottom of the course main page. To do this and hiding selected assignments from students on the main page:

- Turn editing on.
- If all sections are used up, add a new section. Scroll to the bottom of the main course sections, you'll see a little +/- on the right-middle side, hit the +.
- Have teachers move the items they do not want to be seen to this new section. Make sure the eyeballs are open for all of these assignments/items! This will allow students to see them in the gradebook.
- Confirm that all these activities are moved to the VERY LAST section.
- Now, go back down to the bottom +/- signs, and hit -. This will delete that VERY LAST section, and produce a section titled "Orphaned activities"
- This just means that these activities are not sorted and Moodle is remembering them.

From my tests, these activities are not visible by students on the course page, but visible in the gradebook. Also, this is important, if a teacher decides to add back/simply add another section to the main page, these items will be moved there, and the teacher will have to go through the process again.

So the only time these items will be seen are by a teacher, in "editing on" mode.

It's a little bit of work for the teacher, but this way it is organized and they know which ones are sorted without the conflict of greyed out items mixed up with visible items.

Hope this helps!


- Sophie

Re: Assignments Hidden in Course, Viewable in Gradebook?

Sophie - thanks for your suggestion, and it is certainly thought-provoking.  By moving the items already graded to a newly created "orphaned activities" section....I see what you're getting at.

I don't want to rain on your parade, because this is by far the best solution I've been given so far (because it actually works).  But if I move each activity to the orphaned section, then I assume I'll have to move them back at the beginning of the new semester, for the new class.

What about this....what if I duplicate the original item, hide the original in its original position, and then move the duplicate to the orphaned section?   Does a duplicated item carry the completed assignment information with it?

In a similar manner, what if I move the ENTIRE SECTION to the bottom, and in effect hide the entire section by forcing it to become an orphaned activity?  Doing that keeps the entire section in order, so at the beginning of a new semester I just move the section out of the orphaned section and into its actual place in the course.

Thanks for giving me some great ideas to chew on.  Any reflections you might have on the thoughts I expressed above, I would be happy to read.