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Disabling emails


I'm just testing to see if Moodle could work as an alternative to a commerical package we are currently using.  I want to test importing all my users but i don't want to confuse them with messages about their new account.

Is it possible to disable all emails?

I could just change their email addresses to dummy address but I prefer to keep things clean. 

Moodle version: 2.4beta+



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Tim at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
Re: Disabling emails
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If you add

$CFG->noemailever = true;

to your config.php file, that will do what it says.

You can learn a lot of tricks like this by looking through config-dist.php, which gives examples of lots of the things you can do in config.php.

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Re: Disabling emails

thanks Tim - that's exactly what I was looking for. smile

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