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Problem with cli installer 2.3.3+

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Re: Problem with cli installer 2.3.3+
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> ive tried to install it from the cli

What are the instructions you were following? There is but no

> and it doesn't work

Once that _it_ is clear, the next question is where did it stop, with what message?

> i tried copying the moodle folder to /var/www/html and executed the http://localhost/moodle with lynx and it worked,

Once the installation instructions are on the table we know how _it_ worked!

> but i really need to install it from cli...

Back to the original question. Do you mean you have _only_ shell access. Not even http (to visit http://your.server/moodle or whatever)? Or do you mean, you need do install Moodle purely in a shell script?
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