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Moodle Research

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Moodle Research

Hi Moodlers,

My Research Fellowship was accepted.

Topic: How Learning Management Systems (Moodle) enhance Instructional Leadership.

I'll be visiting the UK late April 2013, last chance for anyone in the UK to be involved in the project.  Must reply by the 8th September.

Lets link the Global MOODLE experience and show how moodle enhances leadership as well as teaching and learning. 

Contact me at or on Twitter @BobWilletts.

Get onboard!



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Martin Dougiamas
Re: Moodle Research
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Bob, good luck with the project.

I suggest you get a web site going about your project to help people understand what you are doing.

And you might also consider later joining in with our annual Moodle Research Conference.

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Picture of Bob Willetts
Re: Moodle Research

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the response and great idea.

I only had a 5 day window to sure up the itinerary. (Unreasonable but I have to make it)

Do you have some channels/contacts to get the word out to schools in the UK, Ireland, Wales, France that are doing great things.  I'd like to showcase the best of moodle in the research.

Can you follow me on twitter and respond there or email me

Thanks heaps.

FYI : moodle4school - Stuart Whytcross has gained amazing traction in NSW Schools.  We also have numerous State and Regional offices using our school moodle to practice!

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Picture of Yiannis Arapoglou
Re: Moodle Research

Hello Bob,

Your work is very interesting. If you want to come as a visitor to the 1st Moodle Research Conference, as paper and poster submission has ended two months ago, there is still room for last minute registrations! You will have the chance to share your ideas with the most creative and open-minded people from the Moodle Community! Think about it...


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