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PayPal Database Question

What table and field does Moodle store the individual course cost in? I am using hte Paypal plugin for 2.2.1 and I see where Moodle stores the default course cost. But you can over ride that in each course if you like. I just can't find where Moodle stores the over ride or individual course cost. Does anyone know? Thanks.

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Re: PayPal Database Question

Was this question ever answered?  I'm trying to find out the same thing.

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Re: PayPal Database Question
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If you have access to PHPMyAdmin or other way to read the database, you can see that table mdl_enrol has a line per course per enrollment method.

Each Paypal method has a field called cost, which you fill in when you set up Paypal enrollment as a method for that course.

There is also a table which has a list of which users have paid - mdl_enrol_paypal


There may be a slight difference for 2.2 (I am using 2.5 mostly), so check please.  Also replace mdl_ with whatever prefix you chose for the database (if you changed it during installation)

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