Onetopic format

Course formats ::: format_onetopic
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Course format that allows showing each topic in a tab, keeping the current tab between calls to resources, in such a way that when it returns from a module as the blog or the glossary it returns to tab from where you started. This format is based on the Moodle standard format: “Topics”.
Gavin Henrick
Wednesday, October 5, 2011, 7:08 AM
General comments
The OneTopic course format presents the existing topics from a topics format course one at a time.. The topic names are shown above the topic content in tabs and each topic can be showed one at a time by clicking on the correct tab. It also keeps the focus on that one topic even when going in and out of resource/activities in the course. Below I show 3 pictures of the same course. The first is a picture of topics format. The second is the picture of the Topics format, but focusing on one topic....