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Modern virtual classroom with sharing / collaboration for your Screen, Audio, Webcam, whiteboard, documents, media with students, ask questions, bookmarks and notes with optional recording.

Congrea v3.5.1-r3 (Build: 2020040500)

Release notes


Congrea is an online virtual classroom software created by Vidya Mantra EduSystems Pvt. Ltd.

It can be used in Moodle as an activity and has features like whiteboard, screen sharing, document sharing, audio-video, ask question, bookmark, take notes and text chat and much more to make an online session interactive. Recording is also possible.


  1. Moodle 3.5.0 and above


Download the zip 1. Visit the Moodle plugins website and download the zip corresponding to the version of Moodle you are using. 2. Login to your Moodle site as an admin and go to Administration > Site administration > Plugins > Install plugins. 3. Upload the downloaded Congrea ZIP file. 4. Click the button 'Install plugin from the ZIP file' and then click Continue.


Under congrea settings, add API key and Secret. Free key also available if you don't need recording.

Site Administration > Plugin > Activity Module > Congrea


Licensed under the GNU GPL License.


Feel free to send bug reports (and/or patches!)

Moodle 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 3.8

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v3.5.1-r3 (Build: 2020040500)
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Supported software
Moodle 3.5, Moodle 3.6, Moodle 3.7, Moodle 3.8

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  2. Download and unpack the module.
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