Yamaguchi is blessed with a network of mountain streams (photo, top), rivers and brooks that carry the (more often than not) crystal-clear water down from the mountains.

 Of Yamguchi’s rivers, Fushino River (photo, middle) is without doubt the most famous. Fushino River runs for 30 km from Mount Houben, through Miyano, Yamaguchi City and Ogori City down into the Seto Inland Sea. It is home to fireflies and sweetfish, 30,000 of which are released into the river every year from farms such as the one near Yamdai Street.

  Ichinosaka River (photo, middle), one of the rivers that flow into the Fushino is almost as famous for its fireflies, which are also bred and released by the local community. Ichinosaka River flows from out of the 21st Century Forest Park, past Ruriko Temple and into the centre of the city. It has numerous footbridges and is lined with old buildings and cherry trees making it a very pleasant place to take a walk. The best times to visit are late March when the cherry is in bloom, and late May when there are lots of fireflies. Yamaguchi University students voted Ichinosaka River as one of the best places to go on a date. 


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