How configulation for SCORM packagae

How configulation for SCORM packagae
Dear sir,

I use Moodle 1.8 at Godaddy, I create SCORM activity in Moodle from sample file of CourseLab in SCORM 1.2.
There is an error "Sorry, the requested file could not be found". I have change the slash arguments setting but it don't work.
I found below trouble shooting.
I want to try second option but I don't have basic on how to access httpd.conf.
It would be a very kind of you to give an detail advice.
Thank you in advance.

Best regards,
jeeradate K.


  • If you have difficulty displaying a SCORM, try loading the SCORM in Reload and re-saving it, then save the folder as a .zip package and try again.
  • When you notice there is a problem displaying characters correctly, it could be a misconfiguration of your server. Make sure that both httpd.conf (when using Apache) and php.ini are set to DefaultCharacterset = utf8 or switch the sending of a default character set off.

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Kristoffer de Guzman
Re: How configulation for SCORM packagae
I also have moodle on my godaddy account.
when an account opens the scorm lesson, it displays "No input file specified."
i had set-uped everything.
i even installed the package on a free moodle hosting account, and there, it works perfectly well..

What shall i do?
Hope you could help me.
been frustrated for days because of this.



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Picture of Marshal Anderson
Re: How configulation for SCORM packagae
Just a suggestion - but there's an irritating little switch somewhere in Moodle that controls the way Moodle uses internal URLs - for ages no scorm stuff would work and any web sites I loaded didn't work - I found this switch and, Presto Chango, everything worked.

BUT - I can't remember where it is - maybe someone else can help?

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