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Moodle in the Cloud

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Moodle in the Cloud
Has anyone run Moodle on a cloud hosting platform like Amamzon EC2 or Rackspace's mosso (www.mosso.com) or on Flexiscale (www.flexiscale.com) ? If the answer is yes, what has been your experience so far?


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Re: Moodle in the Cloud
I have not done this, but I am looking into it so I found this post. So far, I am attempting to setup a Fedora Core 8 AMI and if I can get that under my belt, it would seem that adding Moodle would not be that much of an effort. I am also looking into perhaps getting a package of tools, such as Moodle bundled with XAMPP and then making an AMI out of that. So far, I have not had the time to dedicate to learning this new, but important technology. The good news is that once one of us does it and makes a working AMI, it would seem like the rest of us could easily fall in step. There seems to be a growing library of public AMIs on the way. Such as this one.


I will let anyone know if I make any progress.


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