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I'm busy writing

Martin Dougiamas
I'm busy writing
Moodle is still very much an active project, despite my lack of recent updates. I'm just busy at the moment analysing a recent course that was run using the current version of Moodle. This analysis will eventually emerge as a paper, along with some new code in the new year.
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Re: I'm busy writing

Do you think multilanguage will be a good decission por

When Can will be download a Beta Version?
Martin Dougiamas
Re: I'm busy writing
Yes, multiple languages is a definite goal. For the moment it's easier for me to develop in one language until the wording settles down. When I do add the multiple language framework I'm probably going to use STPhp.

As for a beta version, well, when it's ready. wink
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Re: I'm busy writing
Great! However, I'm -almost- sure that a lot of users (well, myself smile ) would be happy having some multi-lingual stuff available for testing. Also, do you look for some help for development?
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Re: I'm busy writing
I would love to download...but i do not have access to cvs and am anxious for an ftp or a http download zip or tar Thanks,
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Re: hi
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