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So far, so good

Martin Dougiamas
So far, so good - a little news
Things are on track for a Moodle 1.0 release in a couple of weeks. I've been purposely breaking some things recently (to improve the code) but most of that is done now. After 1.0, I'll take pains to provide a smooth upgrade path from version to version. Currently I'm finishing internationalisation - it's quite time-consuming but will allow drop-in "language packs" to translate Moodle into any language.
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Re: So far, so good - a little news
Hi there! smile
Just tropping 2 words to say that we have been using moodle at
over 200 students. Its a rather modified version (brutally "internationalized") of some beta you had out several months ago and so far the experience has been positive.

We're looking forward for the 1.0 release and to be able to provide plugins as well as patches and improovements on that.

Keep up the good work!
Giovanni Tummarello