Oceanblue Theme question

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Oceanblue Theme question

I'm using the oceanblue theme.  I changed the background color to the same color that I use on the rest of my site.

I'd like to change the font color of the site name (Administration > Appearance > Front Page > Full site name) from the default navy blue color to white.  Can anyone tell me where the file folder and the item I need to change for this color code for this would be found?

Thank you.

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Re: Oceanblue Theme question
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Hi Richard.

With oceanblue theme. Changes to be made to moodle\theme\oceanblue\styles_color.css file. Add the following CSS declaration at the end of that CSS file.

To change to white font color of site name (on site home page) only:

#site-index h1.headermain {color:#FFFFFF;}

To change to white font color of site name and of all course names:

h1.headermain {color:#FFFFFF;}

Note.- Please note that there is an error in the styles_color.css file of current distributions of the oceanblue theme. Moodle 1.6 towards line 770 and Moodle 1.7 towards line 800, there is a missing closing brace } as shown below:

#mod-resource-view table {
 background-color: #FFFFFF;

.ims-nav-dimmed {
 color: #AAAAAA;
 text-decoration: none;


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Re: Oceanblue Theme question
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Hello Joseph,

Thank you very much for finding oceanblue theme bug!
I just fixed a missing closing brace.


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Re: Oceanblue Theme question

Hi Joseph,

Thank you so much.  I added the line and changed the error by adding the closing brace.  It is now exactly the way I wanted it!

Thanks again!

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