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Moodle 1.6 goes gold!

Martin Dougiamas
Moodle 1.6 goes gold!
Moodle 1.6Moodle 1.6 is now available for download

This release includes over a year (!) of new features developed by the community of Moodle developers, as well as countless bug fixes and a lot of restructuring under the hood.

For full information see the Moodle 1.6 release notes - some of the major highlights include:
  • 100% Unicode support - all 70 existing languages are now compatible and can be mixed wherever you like. 
  • New documentation wiki - a one-stop shop for all documentation, integrated from within each page of Moodle itself.
  • Database module - a new activity module for collaborative collection and display of arbitrary data
  • Blogs - finally Moodle has blogs for ongoing personal reflections, viewable by course, by group, by individual etc
  • New reports - plug-in reports enable you to create and share new report types.  New statistics reports are included in Moodle 1.6.
  • Questions - quiz question types are now a centralised structure so any module will be able to use them in future.
  • LAMS - a new activity module and course format allow LAMS to be easily integrated with Moodle if you need to
  • My Moodle - a new customizable dashboard page with an overview of all your own courses and what is new
  • Hive integration - Moodle can be closely integrated with Hive, a leading object repository, with single-sign-on etc.
  • Multiple groups - users can be part of any number of groups in a course
  • IMS content packages - can now be loaded as resources
  • New Chameleon theme - can be customised in your browser on the fly!
  • Granularised backup - allows you to backup only selected activities
  • Multi Enrolments - use any number of Moodle's enrolment methods at once, including the new IMS Enterprise methods
Thank you to all the developers for working on code, the testers for reporting bugs and the rest of the community for their support, encouragement and ideas!

We're really looking forward to 1.7 now!  big grin