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Problems with core_message_get_message

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Re: Problems with core_message_get_message

Hi Dani Palou

It was written only once and then it was automatically sent several times by the app. 

If my server is too slow to handle the requests, how come the problem will only occured when every time I sent message to student_A? So far, there is no problem face when i sent message to student_B

After debug the code, the error I caught once is in below : 

{exception: "invalid_parameter_exception", errorcode: "invalidparameter",…}

debuginfo: "messages => Invalid parameter value detected: Missing required key in single structure: touserid"

errorcode: "invalidparameter"

exception: "invalid_parameter_exception"

message: "Invalid parameter value detected" 

Most of the time, there is no error, but just the message can't send out (I guess) 

Here is the debug screen, you can see that there are few messages are pending to send, and the requests are keep going out. 

May i know how to fix from here? 

Looking forward to your reply.

Thank you.


Mei Ling

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Re: Problems with core_message_get_message
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Hi Mei Ling,

I think we should continue this discussion in this topic since the problem sending messages isn't related to the original message in this topic.

Kind regards,


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