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Updating the nav menu from subplugin module

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Updating the nav menu from subplugin module

I have a new sub-plugin for the assign module giving the granular student interaction we need.

It gives us all the functionality that we need (though we had to add a new subplugin type and mod assign significantly which kind of defeated our rationale for using a sub-plugin == this could be discussion thread all on it's own  : ) ).

We now wish to provide a link to the subplugin into the main nav trees (left hand pane)...

None of the usual lib.php hooks you would use for say, mods or local plugins appear to work.

<mod><>subplugin type>_<subplugin name>_extend_navigation(global_navigation $nav) {

<mod><>subplugin type>_<subplugin name>_extend_settings_navigation(settings_navigation $nav, context $context)

Is support for these hooks not yet available in sub-plugins ?

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