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Language customisation

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Language customisation

Hi, I've customized Moodle mobile App to adopt Kiswahili language. I did it via the language file within the App. The challenge is there are two words which come on a popup when you tap on download course, those words are "Cancel" and "OK" which are not available in the language file. Kindly let me know how I can achieve this. Otherwise, it is among the first Moodle mobile App in Kiswahili language. It's available at

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Re: Language customisation
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Hi Fracis,

Ok and cancel strings are located in src/lang: and called: "ok" and "cancel".

If you want your language to be supported on the official app, please help translate the app on

You can find the untranslated strings here. Once the language is translated 50% or more the language will apper in the following version of the app.



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