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Failed when create an user only in real-system

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Failed when create an user only in real-system

I have two enviroment: test and real-system.

In test I can create an user via web service like this:[0][username]=xxx&users[0][firstname]=yyy&users[0][lastname]=zzz&users[0][email][0][password]=xxx&users[0][preferences][0][type]=auth_forcepasswordchange&users[0][preferences][0][value]=1

In test I haven't problems and I can see the user in Moodle.

But, in real-system, I can't creatr the user like this:[0][username]=xxx&users[0][firstname]=yyy&users[0][lastname]=zzz&users[0][email][0][password]=xxx&users[0][preferences][0][type]=auth_forcepasswordchange&users[0][preferences][0][value]=1

In real system I have this error: 

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

<EXCEPTION class="invalid_parameter_exception">


    <MESSAGE> ... ... ... </MESSAGE>


Have you got an idea about this? Why in test I can create an user but not in real system?

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