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Hopefully, the move has gone uneventful (well) and things are 'settling in'.

Just got an email that announced improvements to an add on for Google Docs: Kaizena

At the risk of sounding like a 'Moodle Heretic' ....

Does this look interesting?

Kaizena for Google Docs

Getting Started for Students
Installing, Opening Signing in for the first time, Reviewing Feedback from Teacher,
Responding to Feedback from Teacher.

Getting Started for Teachers
Installing the Kaizena Add-on, Opening Kaizena, Signning in for the first time, Adding
Feedback (4 methods), How Students Review Feedback.

Privacy FAQ,Rubrics,Setting Up Skills,Setting Up Lessons,Recording or Microphone issues,
Using Kaizena with Google Classroom

FAQ for Students
Giving your Teacher "Edit" Permissions

Resources For Admins
PD Presentation,Installing Kaizena for all Students,Unblocking Kaizena from Your Content Filters


'spirit of sharing', Ken

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