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Broken plugins and Enrolment Plugin help

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Broken plugins and Enrolment Plugin help

Hi All,

  I'm attempting to mod the PayPal Availability Condition plugin (that has PayPal Enrollment bundled with it) in order to make it have a discounted rate. End goal is to be able to have coupons from referring other users, so I figured that a key point to start at was figuring out how to make it charge a reduced rate. (As a note, I have about a week of experience with PHP and none of JavaScript. Most of my knowledge is in C#, C++, and SQL)

  However, I've run into a few problems, one of which is critically fatal enough that I can't even continue testing in the test Moodle I set up. Basically, I was trying to narrow down where in the plugin I needed to try messing around with, I edited the view.php file by adding some gibberish print statements and tried to change a variable by multiplying it by .75. Nothing changed from those edits, and when I looked on the server, the view.php file doesn't even exist, even though the page that would be created by the content on it does exist. After a few tries of that, I tried uninstalling the availability_PayPal plugin and installing the original version, but now, the enrol_PayPal plugin that originally installed bundled with it doesn't exist, and no combination of uninstalling and reinstalling plugins has brought it back to existence.

  Sadly, I didn't have the sense to make a backup of everything before I did this, because I'd assumed that Moodle would have some kind of system restore to the original install function. I'd rather not have to install a new copy on my server, if nothing else, because I don't want to run into this situation again and have to repeatedly make new Moodles until I figure out what's wrong.

  So, key questions are:

A: Any idea why the enrol_PayPal plugin ceased existing and won't come back?

B: Where does the view.php file go for Enrollment plugins?

C: Why don't changes to the view.php file do anything?

D: Is there a way to do a system restore on a particular Moodle? I have other, production Moodles on the same server that I'd rather not screw up getting this one fixed.

E: Any suggestions on how to actually accomplish what I'm trying to build would be appreciated!


- Merddyn

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